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Adam Broad is a community organizer and single-payer activist that ignored his own financial hardship to volunteer for a solution that will save lives, prevent bankruptcies, and boost wages. They say government shouldn’t pick winners, but that’s exactly what it does. Medicare For All flips the script on greedy, inefficient health insurance corporations and Big Pharma and makes the rest of us winners.

No more bandaids, excuses, and double-talk from a political establishment on the take from special interests dedicated to putting all our money in their pockets, even if it kills us. The political establishment promotes corporate profits over public health.

We shouldn’t have to organize on our own dime to get our party to do the right thing, but in IL-10, we do. This campaign is part of the political revolution. We reject corporate sell out money. We are using people power to get Big Money out of politics.

Why do we fight? When it comes to Improved Medicare For All, a Single-Payer healthcare system that eliminates 90 million dollar CEO bonuses and deadly price gouging by Big Pharma, Congressman Brad Schneider isn’t leading, he’s obstructing.

Brad is part of a political establishment that ignores facts and uses every excuse while bending over backwards to keep for-profit insurance in the game. That’s using our healthcare dollars for CEO and shareholder wealth, not healthcare.

Accept no substitutes. Improved Medicare for All is the Single Payer plan endorsed by Our Revolution and a majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Ask Brad why he is blocking the majority of Democrats. He has the 2nd worst loyalty rating of Democrats in Congress and co-chairs the Koch-funded Third Way Committee. That’s the same money funding Climate Science denial (Blue Dog Brad is opposed to The Green New Deal, also). He says Healthcare is a human right, but under his plan, most of us will get less of our human right than others.